Because it is such a prevalent part of our everyday lives, I see cloth as a universal visual access point. For this reason I use hand made alternative fabrics as my main medium with which to create sculptures, architectural garments, wall pieces, and installations.

I employ a wide variety of traditional fiber techniques and processes in my creation of alternative cloth. The primary processes I utilize are weaving, stitching, knitting and free form embroidery. These production techniques are repetitive and time intensive. I appreciate repetition of both motion and form in the creation and outcomes of my work. The time it takes to create my raw materials becomes and integral part of each piece, allowing me to fully connect with my art through the production process.

Coupling fiber production techniques with a combination of traditional and non-traditional materials I aim to maintain a connection between past and present, traditional and modern, hand made and technological. These pairings allow for unexpected visual and textural outcomes that connect areas of life that often are seen as disparate.

My work aims to alter the viewer’s perception and interaction with space, while providing the viewer a moment to try on an experience and interact with cloth in an unexpected way.